As photographer I find myself captivated by two visual inspirations. The first is nostalgic, where my imagination is stirred by feelings from a childhood growing up in the Mid-West, spent on the shores of the Great Lakes: the beauty of natural light, the simple moments and genuine emotions of carefree youth and innocence. At the same time I am a tried and true New Yorker finding inspiration in the energy of the urban landscape and its people. I strive to find the cinematic scope in my subjects, rejecting inert, sculptural photography for something more kinetic, alive, and ultimately, authentic.

Having won awards and worked in the industry for over twenty five years I am versed in many operation systems. While I shoot primarily with Canon and Pentax645 now, I still have a space in my heart for the plastic Holgas and film medium. I strive to find an overlap with the new emerging technologies and the depth and emotion found in film.


phone: 917 541 4245